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The most important thing from the start

In any online business:

Sign Up With the right TEAM.

Team Training, Tools, Funnels, Marketing all Included
The second most important thing

Traffic: this is one of my favorites and what I use personally but not required

My Lead Gen Secret Really Works.
The first time I used My Lead Gen Secret, it was already clear to me that this is a high quality lead gen tool. It is so much better than the other tools I have tried and offers a ton of features. I was able to generate leads with this tool in the first 10 minutes of getting started with it! I am so excited to see how my business grows now because of My Lead Gen Secret.

- Steven Phillips

There is a simple Formula for Making Money Online:

Here is the Secret

Consistently Run the right traffic to the right offer and boom, you are making sales.  It is that simple.  Continue reading this page and I will show you what you need to do. 

Here are your first three steps 

  1. Find a financially solid, A+ BBB rated Company to work with.  We will call this the Money Site.  This is where a bulk of your revenue will come from Click here for an unbelievable wealth building system.  Don't worry this won't break the bank.  You can get started for as little as $20 a month.

  2. Now that you have your primary offer and a way to build wealth over time.  You are going to need website traffic.  Click here to get 100 to 200 leads a day for a very affordable price.  As your list grows day by day, you will be able to email them and let them know about your wealth building system that they can easily duplicate.

  3. Now that you have your wealth business system and way to promote it, this is all you will need.  If you spend any more money at all, it should be on traffic or traffic generating platforms.  Not on other programs.  Try to resist the shiny object syndrome where people jump from business to business.  Stay consistent and build consistently.

Combining these two platforms is a one-two punch.  It really is all you need to build a retirement level income.  This is NOT get rich quick.  It is a proven method that works over time.  Consistency is the key to building an online business.  Just stay with it even when you think things are not happening.  Get your links in front of people.

You will be able to market both of these programs to people interested in:

Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketers, Home Based Businesses, Network Marketers, Online Marketing, and More

This is your money site - get it first 

Use My Secret

7 Steps to Earning Commissions

Every online business owner needs a solid, reliable, wealth building offer and a supply of good website traffic to promote it.  You can earn handsome commissions just by referring this to business opportunity seekers who are begging for something that truly works.

Follow This Very Simple Set Up

Step 1

Bookmark this page so you can come back and follow the steps

Step 2

If you have not already done it, click on one of the "use my secret" buttons on this page or sign up here for SHG. 

Step 3 

Sign up for MyLeadGenSecret

Take the time to watch the video and understand how and why this works. After you sign up, you will immediately be given 100 leads to mail. You can get started right away mailing your new leads using one of the ready made email swipes on the affiliate pages. Just make sure that you use your newly established SHG affiliate link. As a side note, if you refer just one person to Myleadgensecret, you will start getting 200 leads a day to mail and double your mailing effort. 

Step 4 

Every day, you will login to MyLeadGenSecret and email your list and let them know about SHG. As a secondary goal, plan on doing this for 180 days. Look at it like a 180 Challenge and be dedicated to mailing every single day.  If you don't mail, your SHG links you are not hitting the inboxes of prospects.  

Step 5

Focus on building your list and grow your business.  When crafting your emails, test different subject lines and various SHG links.  It is probably best to use the capture pages so that the system will continue to market to the leads interested in the offer.  If you get a lead, follow up with them.  Overwhelming success can come manifest through the follow up.

Step 6

Watch all the videos and training in SHG to understand how and why the various traffic sources work.  In the words of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Don't think, Just Do! 

Step 7

Enjoy these new found sources of traffic and continue to build your business every single day. Call or email me anytime if you have questions or need help understanding anything.

This Simple yet effective strategy is what I am using every single day.

Feel free to call me during normal business hours or email anytime and we can discuss your traffic goals and marketing strategy.  I am here to help.    

Steven G. Phillips

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Pair SHG - Savings Highway Global and MLGS MyLeadGenSecret and hit your GOALS!

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